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History of RMS

RMS was started over 45 years ago by a family that needed material handling truck equipment for their home and commercial building business.

That is when RACE MOTOR SALES was started. The company repaired diesel truck engines and equipment for many years to follow.

Years later the company was incorporated to RMS, INC. still the same owners and same fine truck mounted equipment. Some of that equipment RMS still sells today to some of the same customers from way back when.

Today RMS is owned by a local businessman named Lewis Stoms Jr.

Mr. Stoms aquired RMS, Inc. in spring of 2004 and renamed the business (RMS, A DIVISION OF STOMS COMPANIES, LLC.), which we trade under today. Give us a call today and let our years of experience work for you.

RMS has many years of experience in the crane truck field, let us use that experience with you to assemble a truck crane for your lifting needs. FASSI CRANES has a full line of articulating, forming and wallboard cranes.

If you are interested in the versatility that a hook lift style body interchange system can provide, or if a quality service body with a crane is what you need, STELLAR INDUSTRIES is the answer. RMS has been with STELLAR INDUSTRIES from their beginning and look forward to more quality and innovative products from STELLAR. Maybe a crane and hooklift combo is what you need, we have done those and they are the multi-tool of the truck industry.

Stellar offers "Shuttles" from 3,000 lb lift/dump capability to 65,000 lb lift/dump capability,also Slider units with a wide range of body lengths. Stellar also offers a full line of service bodies and service cranes, and a large selection of air compressors. Drawer units and mechanic cranes for your standard utility bodies.

For an aerial device consider the UTEM (Utility Truck Equipment Mfgr.) UTEM is a growing part of the aerial device industry. UTEM has aerial device units in the articulating, over the center, and telescopic style booms. All units are available in insulated fiberglass and in the traditional steel units. UTEM fiberglass aerial units are classified as a category "c" 46 kv insulation rating. These units can be chassis or van mounted. RMS has many years of experience in mounting and servicing aerial units. If you are looking for a heavy duty aerial unit with a platform and crane capabilities, let us introduce you to Skylift. Skylift has a complete line on heavy duty aerial platforms.

Along with the lines listed above we sell and service many other lines including, but not limited to: tarp systems by Aero, Pioneer, Donovan, and Roll Rite; air operated, and Silent Drive axles; Omaha Standard service bodies, Bibeau steel/aluminum dump bodies; Dump body units with air operated axles for Maryland 70k, chip bodies, custom built containers by Thompson Fabricating. RMS can also fit you with the correct railgear on your crane unit or flatbed.

Here at RMS we also build custom bodies, custom hydraulic wetlines and other hydraulic systems. We do Lift Axle Certifications and Third Party Inspection of aerial devices. Along with the products named above we have available: DP and Tulsa Winches, Cleasby Conveyors, lighting products by Federal Signal and Buyers, and many others not mentioned above.

We also have a fully stocked Parts Department and if needed can provide Road Service.

Give RMS a call with your unique idea as many have over the years and let's see what we can do.

We would appreciate the opportunity to provide additional information to you on equipment specification, pricing and the services that we provide.



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